Bristol City Vs Birmingham City Betting Review – 5th March

Bristol City Vs Birmingham City Betting Review – 5th March

February 23, 2022 Sports Betting

Bristol City Vs Birmingham City Betting Review - 5th March

The betting review will help you to pick the best information about predictions. We picked all the information from past results. It has consisted of the latest performance, head-to-head, squads, predictions, player’s information, and betting odds. If you will read the entire detail, then you can get the better side.

Latest performance

According to the latest performance, Bristol City played six games and won 2 times. Birmingham City also took part in six games and won 1 time.


Noone has declared its final line p for this game.

Head to Head

Both sides had faced each other in November 2021. the final result of that game was 3-0.


Bristol City picked 35% chances to win. On the other side, Birmingham City also connected 38% chances to win.

Goals in English Football League

In the English Football League, Bristol City played 17 games and won 7 times. They scored 22 goals and conceded 21 also. Andreas scored 16 goals.

On the other side, Birmingham city also took part in 17 games and won 3 times. They scored 18 goals and conceded 30 also. Scott scores 10 goals.

Results in last six games

Bristol City : W,W,L,L,L,D

Birmingham City : W,L,L,L,D,D

Players with red and yellow cards

Cameron faced five yellow cards and one red card. On the other side, Garry also faced six yellow and 0 red.

Betting odds and tips

The above data showed that Bristol City has a chance to win this game. They did well in head-to-head games and English Football League. So, you can choose this side. It has consisted of high betting prices.


We made the above result and predictions by knowing the latest result. If you have any issue, with the expected winner, then you can change the side. However, Bristol City is ready to win this game.