Cupcakes Slot Review

Cupcakes Slot Review

December 12, 2022 Casino Slots

Cupcakes Slot Review

There are several exceptions to the trend that hard candy is the focus of the bulk of the slots with a sweets theme that we see today. One of them is cupcakes, and the name pretty much says it all. Check out this NetEnt slot for yourself to see some of the interesting features it has to offer.

With 6×7 reels, Cupcakes has a sizable enough gaming area to support a Scatter Pays engine. A top prize of 2,762 times the bet is approximately the best that the game will deliver with the proper features working in its favour. Despite the modest payouts, there is substantial volatility, therefore the news of a 96.05% RTP is appreciated. Powerful features like avalanches, free spins, and multipliers of up to 100x are all there inside.

Betting and Prizes

You can buy a round at Cupcakes for anywhere between $0.10 and $200.

The game’s potential payouts aren’t all that huge because the maximum payout is only 2,762 times the initial wager. Additionally, it is extremely volatile, and the RTP ranges up to 96.05% (which is good news, but there are two lower values that operators may select).

Features of Cupcakes Slot Review

On the rotating 6 x 7 reels, there are 42 symbols for you to choose from. When there are eight or more matching symbols in any location, you have formed a combination (Scatter Pays engine).

The Avalanche activates and eliminates winning symbols whenever you’ve managed to secure a win in this manner. New ones drop, which can result in more wins (and more Avalanches).

Additionally, there are special symbols that appear as 2×2 Cupcakes or standard-sized Gumdrops. The Cupcake receives a multiplier based on the quantity of Gumdrops it attracted if the two are the same colour. As long as you received a minimum of 10 gumdrops, multipliers ranging from 2x to 100x can be randomly added to the cupcake.

In order to activate the Crush mechanism, at least five gumdrops must appear on both reels. In that case, a Cupcake will topple the two reels.

In terms of the primary feature, three to five scatter symbols anywhere on the reels trigger up to 16 free spins. It’s re-triggerable. The multipliers from the main game never reset in this mode; instead, they only increase.

Theme & Design

It is a pink and purple-themed slot machine with a cupcake theme. The stunning images are rendered in variations of those colours, and the symbols on the reels span from jelly to hard candies and cupcakes.


Even if you don’t care much about the sweets part of Cupcakes slot demo, it offers enough features that it may still be beneficial to you. On the other hand, the highest incentives stated appear to be rather modest.