Sassuolo vs Spezia Betting Review – 18th March

Sassuolo vs Spezia Betting Review – 18th March

March 10, 2022 Sports Betting

Sassuolo vs Spezia Betting Review - 18th March

Spezia is still struggling in the Italian Series A. they failed in the last 4 matches. It is a major worry for all lovers of Spezia. The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head to head, squads, betting odds, tips, and predictions. After getting the following information, you can easily predict the best team.

Latest performance

Sassuolo played six games and won 3 times. Spezia also took part in six games and won 1 time.


No one has declared its final lineup.

Head to Head

Both sides faced each other in December 2021. The final result was 2-2.


Sassuolo picked 60% chances to win. Spezia also gained 19% chances to win.

Goals in Italian series A

In the Italian Series A, Sassuolo played 14 games and won 4 times. They scored 19 goals and conceded 22 also. Brandi scored 12 goals.

On the other side, Spezia also took part in 15 games to win 4 times. They scored 15 goals and conceded 33 also. Verde scored 5 goals.

Best sites for betting

Betwin, Betfair,betway,bet365, and purewin are major spots for betting.

Results in last six games

Sassuolo : W,W,W,L,L,D

Spezia : W,L,L,D,L,D

Odds and tips

According to betting odds and tips, Sassuolo ganed 8/15 bettng price verses 4/1 of Spezia.


Sassuolo is doing well consistently. So, you can take risks after picking this side for predictions. We made these results after checking all the facts and figures. The above data favored the Sassolu team.