Wild Fishin Wild Ways Slot Review

Wild Fishin Wild Ways Slot Review

September 13, 2022 Casino Slots

Wild Fishin Wild Ways Slot Review

Wild Fishin Wild Ways may appear to be just another slot machine with an angling theme, but it actually has more to offer than you may think. It succeeds in creating a favourable initial impression mostly through its features and visuals.

There are 1,944 different ways to win on the 5 reels of the Wild Fishin’ Wild Ways slot machine (starting with 243 ways though). It has a low RTP of 95.10%, considerable volatility, and a jackpot that can reach 2,792 times the bet ($279,284). Its features include free spins in addition to the Wild Ways.

Betting and Prizes

You can increase your wager from the initial $0.25 up to a maximum of $100 every spin.

The advertised payouts in this game don’t really excite me. Rewards of up to 2,792 times the bet are too little for a slot machine with a high volatility rating. Another drawback is the 95.10% RTP, which results in smaller long-term returns than comparable games.

Features of Wild Fishin’ Wild Ways Slot

The game starts off with 243 ways to win, but when the Wild Ways bring expanding reels along with them, the number of possible combinations increases, reaching up to 1,944 ways.

The wild, which depicts a fisherman with a white beard and a pipe, is one of the first features to be mentioned. It is a replacement symbol that works best when used in conjunction with other symbols rather than feature triggers.

When wilds appear on reels 1 and 2, the Wild Ways feature is activated. It gathers fish symbols from the other reels, each of which has a potential worth of up to 100 times the stake. The fish must appear on successive reels; otherwise, you won’t be able to harvest fish from the fifth reel and the two reels before it.

You enter the free spins if there are two wilds on the first reels and a scatter appears on the other three reels. This bonus round can also be started if all three scatter symbols appear on reels 3 through 5. At this moment, you are awarded 10 free spins with growing reels that might eventually provide 1,944 winning combinations.

Theme & Design

Wild Fishing wild ways design has an excellent theme and is plainly based on fishing, and the symbols utilised are created in a way that makes them humorous as well as attractive. It has a cartoony aesthetic and features pictures of fisherman, fish with prizes, as well as worms, birds, fishing rods, and boats.


Overall, I thought the Wild Fishin slot was fun, especially as a choice for someone looking for adorable artwork and distinctive features. However, a larger grand prize would have been ideal. Wild fishing wilf ways slot is an interesting slot with an excellent Return to player of 95.10 percent and rewards up to about 2792 times the bet. However, the RTP could be better since Yggdrasil have slots that can boast better Return to players.